[1] The voice of Mike is done by…*so help me if you get this wrong…*Mary GibbsBilly CrystalJohn Goodman

[2] At the morning you first see Mike and Sulley, they have how many scares total? 99,52499,87299,479

[3] The ……paper work goes to Roz.Puce. WhiteGoldenrod

[4] What station are Mike and Sulley at? F5F8S1

[5] What is the name of the Monster woman who holds the scare demonstrations? Ms.Peterson Ms.Betty Ms.Flint

[6] What is Mr.Waternoose‘s middle initial? LJ He doesn’t have one.

[7] What is the very first thing Mike says in the movie? Wake up Sulley!Hey Tony! Badda Bing!! Good morning Monstropolis!

[8] What is George‘s scare assistant‘s name?CharliePeteBob

[9] What is Celia’s last name? Mae PetersonWazowski

[10] What is Mike‘s locker number??322 362425