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My Favorite Things The Sound of Music - A Tribute


New Message Board
I am proud to announce that has purchased it's own forum software. We are now using vBulletin, which is much more functional than our ezboard message board was. This new software has eliminated all of the ads and pop-ups that were previously on the message board. The new software is also much faster and more secure than the ezboard was. All of the old posts from the ezboard have been transferred to the new software. If you re-register with the same username you will be able to keep your post count, and you will also be able to edit your old posts. Please join the new community by clicking the Forum link on the navigation bar. If you have any questions, or wish to make a suggestion for the new forum, please feel free to post a message in the feedback area.

New Screen Shots
I have finally uploaded some new screen shots from the movie. These shots are taken from a VHS tape, so the quality is not that great. I hope to have some DVD captures up very soon. They will be much better quality. Also, please join our message board, You can get to it by clicking the Forum link on the navigation bar.

Grand Reopening
I have finally reopened I have worked very hard for the last 6 months to make the site much better than it was before. It features a totally new layout, and the site is now standards complient. The new site also has all of the lyrics from the movie, and a new message board. I am looking for moderators! There are also several links to other sites that fans may be interested in. There will also be even more great things coming soon. Now that I have the new layout finished, it will be very easy to add content to the site, including the script, screen shots from the DVD and more! Thanks for visiting the site!

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